Don't watch: The real truth about area 51
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JTEM is Magic
2021-10-18 02:00:49 UTC

Guaranteed to disappoint the believers.

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JTEM is Magic
2021-10-18 22:04:24 UTC
Post by JTEM is Magic
Guaranteed to disappoint the believers.
If we could only get the UFO devotees excited about the very real prospects
out there... l


That's for our solar system, worlds that are absolutely positively reachable
within a few years. AND THEY MISS GANYMEDE! They name four worlds
with a decent chance of hosting life and they didn't even mention the best
candidate of all, Ganymede.

Why is Ganymede so good? Because it has oxygen in its atmosphere. It's
one of the signature gases -- signatures of life. Our atmosphere is the
product of earth life! The current scientific consensus is that anaerobic life
was first spawned, for whom oxygen was a waste product -- a poison! After
a few billion years, with the fabulous conditions here on earth, life was so
abundant, farting out so much oxygen, that they saturated the atmosphere
and began killing themselves off!

Ganymede doesn't have the near perfect conditions found here on earth or
the early Mars, which might explain why, if there is life, it's producing so
little oxygen... not enough to saturate it.

AGAIN: So that's five worlds WITHIN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM, all reachable
with a few years *Tops*, all potentially life bearing, and we can't build the
political movement to investigate them?

Our latest Mars lander has a total budget UNDER $3 billion. We give Israel
more than that Every! Year! but for a space mission the cost can be spread
across a number of years... the last few hundred million of the Perseverance
rover is the years of sending instructions to the machine, collecting and
analyzing the data.

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